Public Improvement Projects

The City of Waukee is continually working on public improvement projects to repair infrastructure, increase public safety and enhance the community. Such projects involve independent contractors and vendors working under the direction of Waukee Public Works and Development Services after project and contract approval by the Waukee City Council. For more information about upcoming projects, view the current capital improvement plan.

Project Type Project Name  Description  Anticipated Completion
Roads Douglas Parkway Extension Construction of quarter mile segment of Douglas Parkway from Alice's Road to the Landing at Shadow Creek Development  Completed 
Roads  Olson Drive & Alice's Road/Grand Prairie Parkway & Ashworth Turning Lanes  Adding through lanes both northbound at Alice's Road the and Olson Drive intersection with left turn lanes. Also, adding a right through lane eastbound at Grand Prairie Parkway and Ashworth Road. Completed
Roads Pavement Overlay -West Waukee  Overlay of existing chip sealed street in older part of Waukee - west of 6th Street  Annual 
Roads Annual Street Patching Projects  Street Patching of various streets as determined in street quality assessment program  Annual 
Roads Annual Pavement Marking Painting  Annual painting of the pavement markings throughout the City  Annual 
Roads Annual Developer Lane Additions  Miscellaneous agreements to complete additional lanes over and above developer responsibilities  Annual 
Gas Gas Main and Service Rehabilitation  Replacement of plastic gas main with steel gas main due to corrosion issues and additional testing  Annual 
Sewer  Original Waukee Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project - Phase II Sewer lining and service line grouting of sewers in Original Waukee neighborhoods April 2017 
Sewer Inflow and Infiltration-Annual  Project relates to eliminating storm water connections into the sanitary sewer system  Annual 
Stormwater Southfork Dam and Outlet Improvement Project  Installation of erosion control measures at the Southfork Lake outlet  September 2016 
Stormwater Sump Pump Line Project  Installation of sump pump collection lines within the older subdivisions Annual 
Water Water Tower Rehabilitation Project  Sand blasting and repainting of existing water tower  October 2016 
Kettlestone  Amenities Construction Phase 1 Trail and landscaping around south two ponds east of Grand Prairie Parkway  Fall 2016 
Kettlestone  Amenities Construction Phase 2 Trail, pedestrian underpass connection and landscaping around north two ponds west of Grand Prairie Parkway  Fall 2017 
Kettlestone  Amenities Construction Phase 3  Landscaping and irrigation within medians and along Grand Prairie Parkway (University to Interstate) Fall 2017
Kettlestone  Amenities Construction Phase 4  Kettlestone Entrance Sign  Fall 2018 
Kettlestone  Amenities Construction Phase 5  Pedestrian bridge over north pond and additional trail construction Fall 2018