Kettlestone Waukee

The City of Waukee is proud to announce plans for Kettlestone, an exciting new mixed-use development being built in what has been known as the “Alice’s Road Corridor.” Located between Hickman Road and I-80 and consisting of more than 1,500 acres, Kettlestone will feature an outdoor town center in a walkable environment with a variety of housing choices, retail space, green space, trails and a community event space. The City of Waukee is partnering with property owners to make Kettlestone a reality.

The Alice’s Road Corridor and I-80 Interchange have been priority projects for the Waukee City Council for more than a decade. Based upon the proposed land uses over a 30-year period, Kettlestone could support up to 7,000 new housing units, 3.8-million square feet of commercial retail space and 5.5-million square feet of commercial office space. This equates to a total population of 17,500 and the potential for up to 25,000 new jobs within Kettlestone.

Known previously as the "Alice's Road Corridor," ground was broken on the University Avenue to Ashworth Road segment of Kettlestone on November 1, 2013. The four-lane roadway, Grand Prairie Parkway, and the I-80 interchange will open at the end of 2015. See the Kettlestone timeline for more information about the planning and construction process.

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