Boards and Commissions

Boards and commissions are an established feature of municipal government offering citizens an opportunity to participate in Waukee's governmental affairs. Their activities help to shape or influence public policy in many areas. The City of Waukee's boards, commissions, and committees are comprised of Waukee residents who reflect the varied interests of other Waukee residents.
Several of the City's boards and commissions are required and established by state law, while others result from provisions of the City Charter or from local ordinances. They address subjects like planning, zoning, transportation, parks, libraries, building, and arts. Although many boards and commissions are advisory, their influence and value can be significant. They make recommendations on a wide range of topics that come before the City Council. Several boards and commissions are quasi-judicial, which means the State Code of Iowa has designated some legislative authority to those citizen boards.

How to Apply

Read a detailed description of each board, committee or commission. Then, apply online. Applications and board descriptions are also available from the City Clerk.

Explore the Boards and Commissions pages on the left-hand menu to read agendas, minutes and learn more about current members.