Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment is responsible for reviewing requests for variances to official Zoning Ordinances of the City of Waukee. The board reviews each submitted variance application for consistency with the intent of the city's ordinances in relation to the circumstances specific to each variance request.

Regular Meetings

  • Meetings as needed, 5:30 p.m.
  • City Hall Council Chambers
    230 West Hickman Road
    Waukee, IA 50263


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Mark Irvin
Board President
Term expires: 01/31/2020
Juan Garcia
Board Member
Term expires: 01/31/2018
Doug Drees
Board Vice President
Term expires: 01/31/2019
Dennis Breckenridge
Board Member
Term expires: 01/31/2022
Mark Myers
Board Member
Term expires: 01/31/2021

Board of Adjustment Directory  
Current Packet Information 
Request Type Address Application Staff Report Public Notice
Setback Variance 
630 Spyglass Court 
Front Yard Setback Application Staff Report 9.18.12 Notice 
Signage Variance 
400 Prairie Bluff Drive 
Interstate Signage Application Staff Report 
9.18.12 Notice 

Signage Variance

Flagpole Variance

400 Prairie Bluff Drive

Fascia Signage App

Interstate Signage App

Flagpole App

Staff Report 8.17.12 Notice
Fence Variance 320 SE Legacy Pointe Blvd Application Staff Report 8.17.12 Notice
Fence Variance 645 Spyglass Lane Application Staff Report 5.17.12 Notice
Setback Variance 3281 Ashworth Road Application 5.12.11 Staff Report 5.2.11 Notice
Fence Variance 955 SE Waco Place Application 5.12.11 Staff Report 5.2.11 Notice
Setback Variance 955 SE Indigo Lane Application 5.05.11 Staff Report 4.25.11 Notice
Setback Variance 3232 Ashworth Road Application 7.29.10 Staff Report 7.16.10 Notice
Fence Variance 495 Gray Avenue Application 5.6.10 Staff Report 4.27.10 Notice
Residential Variance 440 School Street Application 2.2.10 Staff Report 1.21.10 Notice
Commercial Variance 431 Laurel Street Application 11.12.09 Staff Report 11.2.09 Notice
Interpretation Appeal 1230 Warrior Lane Application 8.19.09 Staff Report 8.18.09 Notice
Fence Variance 625 Ashworth Drive Application 7.16.09 Staff Report 7.16.09 Notice