Fall/Winter Programs

  1. Register for Programs

    Register for Programs

    Learn how to find the right Waukee Parks & Recreation program for you or your family, and register today!

  2. 2016 Fall/Winter Program Guide

    2016 Fall/Winter Program Guide

    View a readable PDF of the 2016 Fall/Winter Program Guide.

  3. Adult Activities and Day Trips

    Adult Activities and Day Trips

    Waukee Parks & Recreation organizes adult activities and day trips that are popular among retirees and young adults alike.

  4. Adult Sports

    Adult Sports

    Waukee Parks & Recreation offers adult sports and activities to help you meet fitness goals and have fun!

  5. Youth Camps & Activities

    Youth Camps & Activities

    Waukee Parks & Recreation offers a number of youth recreational activities.

  6. Youth Sports

    Youth Sports

    Waukee Parks & Recreation hosts a variety of sports programs for children of all ages.