Youth Camps & Activities

Waukee Parks & Recreation aims to provide quality, fun-filled recreational activities for children of all ages and abilities. View the current program guide for detailed information about times, locations and costs. 

2 to Move

This class is designed for parents and their little dancer to bond while having fun. Dancers will gain confidence, improve social and gross motor skills, all while using their imagination to learn and explore dance and movement. Children ages 18 months through 3 years old are invited to register for this program. A parent or guardian must accompany each child as they will take an active role in their dancer’s skill development.
Ages 18 months - 3 years-old. Register.

Beggars' Night

Waukee’s Beggars’ Night will be held Sunday, October 30 from 6-8 p.m. throughout the City.

Engineering for Kids: Robotics Curriculum

Junior Robotics (Grades K-1) 
Kids will learn about the concept of robotics and get to build and program their first robots. This class is a perfect mixture of fun and learning using LEGO robots at an introductory level. They also will program and operate their creations using a laptop computer. Register.

Apprentice Robotics 101 (Grades 2-5)  

This program is designed to introduce students to both robot-building and programming. Students will build robots to accomplish a specific task while using their imagination. Students will discover the Engineering Design Process in a real world setting. Register

Engineering for Kids: Mechanical Engineering Curriculum

Apprentice Mechanical Engineering (Grades 2-5)
Students will use the Engineering Design Process to design, create, test, and improve a variety of machines and mechanical systems. Students learn basics of energy, traction, aerodynamics and durability while constructing roller coasters, eggstreme defense vehicles, candy catapults and an air-powered custom dragster. Register.

Letters from Santa

Because Santa Claus is so busy this time of year, he asked the Waukee Parks & Recreation Department to help put all of the nice boys and girls of Waukee on his Christmas Wish List. Fill out the form and receive a personalized letter from Santa!

Little Ninjas 

This early childhood program teaches the basic fundamentals of Taekwondo and Karate in a developmentally appropriate format to suit young children. The class will focus on building proper use of martial arts, self-respect, self-discipline and coordination of mind and body. The instructor, Dickey Renshi, has been teaching martial arts for more than 25 years and is an early childhood elementary school teacher. He is also a three-time inductee into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Class length is 30 minutes and sessions are ongoing throughout the year. Ages 4 - 6 years. Register.

Kids Cook: Spooktacular Halloween Snacks

Transform your typical snack into something fresh and frightening while celebrating Halloween! Enjoy this hands-on cooking class taught by Waukee Hy-Vee Dietitian Erin Good, and learn to prepare boolicious snacks with a spooky, Halloween twist! 
Grades 5 - 8. Register.

Music and Spanish

Children laugh, dance and sing while developing skills and acquiring a love of music. This program is designed to enhance children’s development of music skills through song, dance, movement games and instruments. Music instructors expose children to an array of styles, while exploring rhythm, melody, tonality and beat while nurturing key physical, social and intellectual skills. Learn new songs and create your own music! The child must be of the required age prior to the start of each session. Ages 3 - 7. Register.

Red Cross Babysitting Training

Attend the American Red Cross Babysitting Certification class and gain life experience by practicing babysitting skills on manikins and with other participants. Participants must be 11 years old, and they will need to bring a sack lunch. Each participant will receive a Babysitter’s Training Handbook and a starter kit. Ages 11 years & upRegister.

Soccer & Spanish

This high-energy program introduces toddlers and young children to organized group play and focuses on developing large motor skills while teaching them soccer basics. Led by internationally qualified soccer coaches and Spanish language experts, each class is designed for little ones to experience the joy of playing soccer and being active while learning basic Spanish naturally. The child must be of the required age prior to the start of each session. Ages 3 - 6 years. 


Take an adventure with a story! The Waukee Public Library and the Parks & Recreation Department have joined together to promote literature and exercise. Enjoy different books this fall displayed along the Heart of the Warrior Trail between 6th Street and the intersection of Ashworth Drive, Northview Drive and Warrior Lane. All ages welcome. 


This program teaches the disciplines of Taekwondo and Karate. The class will focus on life protection techniques, building self-respect, self-discipline and coordination of mind and body. The instructor, Dickey Renshi, has been teaching martial arts for more than 25 years and is an early childhood elementary school teacher. He is also a three-time inductee into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Class length is 60 minutes and sessions are ongoing throughout the year. 6 years to adult. Register.

TOT Basketball & Academic Enrichment

Enjoy this basketball handling and dribbling program that combines athletics, academics and agility. Classes are focused around improving physical and mental growth through movement and music. Each six-week session advances from the last with new skills. So, children can sign up all year to gain the optimal experience! Register.


Romp, stomp and play! We have the set-up to meet your children’s activity and social needs. With toddler toys ranging from blocks to tunnels and mats, there’s no shortage of action here. We provide the fun. This is a non-structured activity. Tot Lot is held during the colder months of the year. This FREE playtime, during which the parents/guardians remain for supervision, runs through the end of March. Learn more in this short video. Toddlers welcome.

Tumbling Tots

This 30-minute, developmental play program is a very basic beginning program for little ones designed to get them exploring large motor movements in a group environment. It emphasizes balance and coordination through basic tumbling moves, exercises and songs. Children will also practice listening and taking turns. A parent or guardian must accompany their child. The child must be of the required age prior to the start of the session. Ages 2 - 3 years. Register.

Tumbling Tots 2

This 30-minute program is designed for little gymnasts to learn and increase their basic tumbling motions. They will improve upon their tumbling skills and movements, coordination, strength and balance, by learning somersaults, front flips, back flips and more. The child must be of the required age prior to the start of the session. Ages 4 - 5 years. Register.

Waukee Adaptive Sports Day

Enjoy a morning of activities specifically designed for those with special needs. Courage League Sports will offer music and movement activities led by their board-certified music therapist, followed by parachute play for the younger kids and giant gameboard fitness for the older kids. We guarantee a fun-filled morning of play and socialization. Please RSVP to info@CourageLeagueSports.comAll ages welcome. 

Warrior Park Sledding Hill

Get out and play! Waukee has a customized, engineered sledding hill at Warrior Park (1050 4th Street) guaranteed to make any snow day the greatest day ever. Bundle up, and get sledding! All ages welcome. 

Yoga & Spanish

Simple yoga poses, engaging games, songs and art combine to exercise the mind and develop children’s social, sensory and motor skills while increasing flexibility. Passioniate instructors lead classes that release energy and encourage self-expression. The child must be of required age prior to the start of each session. Ages 3 - 7 years. Register.