Open Burning Rules

open burningOpen Burning is prohibited within the boundaries of the City of Waukee, except when the following exists as per Waukee Municipal Code chapter 212:

  • This does not apply to indoor or outdoor fire places or barbecue grills used solely for entertainment purposes or the preparation of food for human consumption.
  • A permit may be issued after review of the submitted application by the Fire Chief. The responsible party must provide the signed permit that was issued upon request.
  • Organic fire within agricultural areas zoned A-1 can be permitted as long as there are no fires within 1,000 feet of any land zoned other than A-1.
It is NOT permitted to burn rubbish/refuse which includes yard waste, tires, garbage or plastics.

  • Burning may not take place under any circumstances when the wind is in excess of 15 MPH or any burning bans are in place by the city, county or state.
  • No such fire shall be started within 30 of any combustible wall, fence, building, or structure.
Control of Fire
  • Fires shall be constantly attended by a competent person until the fire is fully extinguished.
  • The attendant shall have access and knowledge to use an approved fire extinguishing equipment such as; portable fire extinguisher, water truck, garden hose, dirt, sand or water barrel.
  • Any permit granted requires that a reliable water supply, under pressure, must be available by hose line within 20 feet of the burn site.
Violating any provisions of this ordinance shall be guilty of a simple misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars ($100), or imprisonment not exceeding 30 days. Each day upon which such violation occurs after a notice shall constitute a separate violation.

The Waukee Fire Department does have the authority to order the extinguishment of the fire where the open burning creates or adds to a hazardous situation or a permit was required and not obtained.