The City of Waukee broke ground on the  Kettlestone development on Nov. 1, 2013. Designed to highlight the natural beauty of the area, Kettlestone is an innovative mixed-use development where visitors will find shopping, dining and personal services as well as parks, ponds and trails. Over the next 25 years, Kettlestone's 1,300 acres will continue to be developed to serve as a social, cultural and civic center, adding new jobs, housing, retail opportunities and office space. Located 15 miles west of downtown Des Moines, Kettlestone's 2.1-mile, four-lane/six-lane Grand Prairie Parkway acts as the southern gateway for the City of Waukee with a direct link to Interstate 80. It is the home of Fleet Farm, the Kettleview Development, insurance company Holmes Murphy and much more.

In 2020, the Waukee City Council approved a 40-acre development to be located along Grand Prairie Parkway in Waukee with plans of bringing entertainment, shopping, nightlife and restaurants to the rapidly growing area. The dream of having an easily accessible district to provide a safe area for entertainment and recreation will become reality under the namesake ‘KeeTown Loop’”. KeeTown Loop will quickly become a premier entertainment district and will bring regional visitors and opportunities to Waukee upon its opening in 2023.

Waukee, with a current population of 23,940, is recognized as the fastest-growing (large) city in Iowa and is located in Dallas County – the fourth fastest-growing county in the U.S. 

Based upon the proposed land uses over a 30-year period, Kettlestone could support up to 7,000 new housing units, 3.8-million square feet of commercial retail space and 5.5-million square feet of commercial office space.

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