Property Taxes

piggy bank fy 22The Iowa property tax is primarily a tax on "real property", which is mostly land, buildings, structures and other improvements that are constructed on or in the land, attached to the land or placed upon a foundation. The City of Waukee finances nearly 60 percent of its general fund operations through property taxes. The City’s portion of the reflects approximately 37 percent of the total property tax bill. The piggy bank graphic shows how property taxes in Waukee are divided by taxing body.

Levy Rates in Dollars Per $1,000 of Taxable Valuation (Rounded) (numbers from FY2023)

Other Agencies$0.85
Community College$0.69
State of Iowa$0.002

Levy Rates in Dollars Per $1,000 of Taxable Valuation (Rounded) (numbers from FY2022)

Other Agencies$0.75
Community College$0.64
State of Iowa$0.003

What does it "cost" to live in Waukee and receive City services?

For a Waukee resident owning a home with an assessed value of $300,000, it costs around $6 per day for City services. To see how much your monthly or daily "cost" is, try out the Waukee Property Tax Calculator. Just plug in your assessed property value, and the tool breaks it all down!

Inforgraphic 58% Public Safety, 21% Parks/Library 10% General 6% Public Works 5% Community Dev