Urban Chickens

chickensWaukee homeowners are allowed to have chickens (hens) on their properties for non-commercial use, with limitations and requirements. 

Residents who want to raise chickens must complete online training before applying for a $25 annual permit.

We're not just winging it; there are rules:

  • Roosters are not allowed.
  • Persuant to Chapter 57 (see p. 35), a maximum of six female chickens (hens) are allowed for each tract of land one half (1/2) acre or less. For a tract of land greater than one-half (1/2) acre, an additional six female chickens (hens) are allowed for each additional one-half (1/2) acre up to a maximum of 30 female chickens (hens). 
  • Hens shall only be placed on the applicant-occupied permanent address. 
  • Hens must be kept in an enclosed area, and at night must be in a henhouse or chicken tractor.
  • A hen house/chicken tractor must be at least six feet from the residence, 10 feet from the property line and 25 feet from any neighboring structure or occupancy.

Read the full ordinance on p. 35. Questions? Call 515-978-7896.