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  1. Waukee Sees Record Commercial Growth for 2022

    Commercial growth is on the rise in Waukee. In 2022, the City of Waukee issued 28 commercial permits, up from 19 in 2021, and valuation quadrupled to $103 million. Read on...
  2. Monthly Building Permit Report December 2022

    The City of Waukee issued 79 building permits in December 2022: 7 permits for single-family homes, 24 for townhomes, 1 for multi-family, 2 for commercial and 45 in the “Other” category. Total taxable valuation in December equaled $74 million. Read on...
  3. Monthly Building Permit Report January 2022

    The City of Waukee issued 83 building permits in January 2022. There were 30 permits issued for single-family homes, one for commercial and 52 which fall in the “Other” category. The total taxable valuation in January equaled $13.27 million. Read on...
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