Ashworth Road & Ute Avenue Intersection

Ute Avenue and Ashworth Road Intersection Improvements

Improvements are planned for the intersection of Ute Avenue and Ashworth Road that will help traffic move through the area more efficiently. Improvements include turn lanes and a traffic signal.

Project update: January 4, 2023
The new lanes are fully open to traffic on Ute Avenue at the Ashworth intersection. Cones mark the median and edges of the roadway that aren't fully finished. As weather allows, crews will complete finishing work, including backfilling medians, grading for the trail and sidewalk ramps and finishing the permanent signal installation. Streetlights will likely be installed this spring after final grading.

See project maps.

See a video presentation on the project.

Estimated Cost:$6,650,000
Estimated Start Date:
Summer 2021
Estimated Completion Date:
Summer 2022
Snyder & Associates


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    Ashworth Rd/Ute Ave Intersection Improvements