Identity Theft & Scam Protection

Identity Theft Protection

Read up on free tips to prevent identity theft. Also, ConsumerAffairs offers a guide about identity theft protection tools for purchase featuring hundreds of verified consumer reviews.

Scam Protection

Scams are prevalent in American society and have become easy for criminals to achieve thanks in part to mobile phone and internet usage. Be vigilant and protect yourself from telephone, IRS/tax, ticket, charity and other scams by reading more about common scams and what to look out for.

  • MidAmerican Energy’s Slam the Scam Campaign: Scammers target energy customers in the Waukee-area and attempt to steal their money and personal information by threatening immediate service disconnection. Don’t be a victim; be prepared to Slam the Scam!
  • Protecting Your Identity While You Shop: Some shopping related scams include (but are not limited to) phony coupon scams, looking over people’s shoulders to steal information as they type, pilfering personal information from papers in a dumpster, or tricking people into giving personal information to scammers over the phone, on a website, or by email. Learn what to look for and how to prevent this type of crime.

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