Target Sectors

Smart city planning and cohesive execution makes the city a desirable place to conduct business or make a home. City leaders are dedicated to advancing quality of life through careful planning, smart management of resources and commitment to sustainability.

Waukee is in the middle of transformative growth, and a highly desirable place to be. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be a part of it. We’re part of a regional center with broad access to diverse workforce and big city offerings, but we have plenty of great amenities right here in our city. Your workforce can enjoy great food, entertainment, a range of housing options, top notch schools and plenty of great outdoor spaces with parks and trails. The Raccoon River Valley trail and Triumph Park draw visitors from across the region and the country. With a Live Nation event center opening in fall 2023, we’re set to be a regional entertainment destination as well as a fantastic place to live.

With a premier location, unique developments, many successful businesses and a rapidly growing population, investors and business owners are watching Waukee. To support growth and be a good partner to developers and business owners, the City works to be nimble and responsive to proposed projects as well as reduce barriers to development that aligns with the City’s goals and needs.

The City of Waukee is particularly suited to businesses in these sectors:

Financial Technology (FinTech): Businesses using new technologies that seek to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services.

Insurance & Financial Services: Businesses primarily engaged in and/or facilitating financial transactions focused on activities such as banking, investing, and insurance

Distribution Logistics: Businesses engaged in the processes of moving goods through the fulfillment process, from warehouse to end customer

Health Care: Businesses that provide medical services, manufacture medical equipment or drugs, provide medical insurance, or otherwise facilitate the provision of healthcare to patients

Technology/Business Service: Businesses selling goods and services in electronics, software, computers, artificial intelligence, and other industries related to information technology.

Green/Clean Technology:  Businesses using science and technologies to make positive environmental impacts or reduce negative environmental impacts.