Development Procedures

The City of Waukee reviews development proposals including the rezoning of property, platting, and specific site plans. Submittals are reviewed every Tuesday by a coalition of city staff from various departments in the city. After a proposal has been reviewed by city staff it is brought before the Planning and Zoning Commission for their review and recommendation prior to being reviewed by the City Council.

If you would like to set up a pre-submittal meeting, please contact the Community Development Department at 515-978-9533 and ask to speak with a planning professional. The professional planning staff will arrange to have other city staff representatives present in the pre-submittal meeting based upon the type and scale of the project. 

Proposals for development can be submitted to the Community Development Department at:
204 W. Hickman Road
Waukee, IA 50263



City staff review requests for rezoning. A rezoning packet and rezoning amendment schedule can be obtained online or in the Community Development office next to City Hall.


The platting of property is required prior to the submittal of a site plan. The platting process involves the review of a preliminary plat, construction drawings, and final plat. The preliminary plat should identify all of the primary improvements necessary to facilitate the development of the property. Construction drawings should provide the specific design of all required public improvements related to the project. All public improvements should meet the Waukee Standard Specifications (PDF) for Public Improvements. The final plat should identify any existing or proposed easements, lots, or property to be dedicated to the city. All proposed platting documents should follow the Land Subdivision Regulations of the Waukee Municipal Code.

Site Plans

The City of Waukee requires a site plan to be submitted for any project involving the development of townhome, condominium, and apartment projects as applicable. Site plans should also be submitted for the development of commercial and industrial properties related to the construction or expansion (more than 50%) of buildings or other applicable site improvements. Site plans should conform to the city’s Site Plan Ordinance, Subdivision Regulations, Sign Ordinance, and Parking and Loading Areas Ordinance.

Variance Request

The City of Waukee requires any variance request to be presented to the Board of Adjustment for their review. As a part of the variance request, a variance request packet is filled out, which outlines the various reasons for why a variance is being requested and provides the board with a comprehensive understanding of any potential hardship being sought by a person or company. In general, variance requests are only awarded for special circumstances and where a hardship is found.