Animal Control & Licensing

Animal Control provides services to the City of Waukee that covers a wide range of animal problems. The complaints can be about picking up stray animals, checking on the welfare of an animal, barking dogs, or other animal ordinance violations. Pets must be vaccinated for rabies, and if a pet bites a person, it should be reported to the Waukee Police Department. All pets must on a leash when not in an enclosed yard or a fenced area. Nuisance laws are also in place to curb unreasonable barking and to help promote sanitary pet keeping.

Cat and Dog

Pet Licenses

In February 2017, the City of Waukee launched a new partnership with PetData, the nation's only full-service animal licensing provider.

For residents with 2016 pet licenses, PetData will send renewal letters in the mail following that launch date. For first-time licenses, visit or call 1-855-585-8157 toll-free.

Dog and cat licenses cost $15 for altered pets and $25 for unaltered pets. Waukee residents are required to license pets annually per City ordinance. A proof of rabies vaccination is required.

"Pooper-Scooper" Ordinance

The Code Enforcement Department regulates and enforces the property maintenance portion of the City Code. Within Waukee Municipal Code section 401.4(B)2 (PDF) there is information regarding the abundance of refuse on properties, including animal feces. The City asks that everyone be courteous to their neighbor and pick up any trash or refuse that is created by them or their pets. Additionally, most parks in Waukee have plastic bags and disposals for pet waste.

Barking Concerns & Strays

Code section 208.5, "Dogs Disturbing Persons," gives guidance on various nuisances that dogs may create within a neighborhood. Running at large, going onto other properties, and excessive barking are examples of nuisances that are addressed under the code section 208 (PDF). A citizen may call 515-222-3321 with questions or concerns about nuisances caused by animals. All impounded animals are taken to the Broderick Animal Clinic located at 10 North 4th Street in Waukee. The phone number of the clinic is 515-987-1447.

Broderick Animal Clinic will hold all strays for a 10-day period to see if an owner will claim them. Owners must provide proof of a rabies vaccination that is current or the animal will be vaccinated before it is returned to its owner. The owner is responsible for paying for the rabies vaccination and any of the days the pet spends at the clinic. Check Broderick's Facebook page for a detailed listing of strays found in Waukee.

Banned Animals & Breeds

Waukee Municipal Code Section 217 (PDF) lists certain families of animals that are considered dangerous and therefore not allowed as pets within City limits. There are no specific breeds of dog prohibited, but there are regulations prohibiting vicious animals.

Number of Animals Per Residence

Waukee residents are restricted to owning no more than three dogs and three cats per household. If a residence has more than three dogs and three cats in a residential area, the residence is considered a kennel and rules specific to a kennel apply. 

For more information about City Code, please click here or call 515-978-9533.

Pet Safety

Read about ways to keep your pets safe in and around your home.