Stormwater Best Management Practices Reimbursement Program

The City of Waukee has implemented a Stormwater Best Management Practice Reimbursement Program to encourage Stormwater Utility customers to install rain gardens and rain barrels on their property to create a partnership in aiding in improvement of water quality through education and action. This is an initiative towards promoting the goal of a Sustainable Waukee.

The Stormwater Best Management Practice Reimbursement Program will be available for projects implemented on a Fiscal Year basis (July 1 to June 30).

Stormwater is untreated and can cause water pollution, stream bank erosion and flooding. Stormwater is the water that runs off impervious surfaces from rain, snow melt, and surface drainage. Hard surfaces where water is unable to soak or infiltrate into the ground, including paved surfaces, roofs, and compacted lawns are considered to be impervious surfaces. As the stormwater drains over the landscape it collects sediment, contaminants, litter, nutrients, and other pollutants in its travel.

Allowing rainwater to infiltrate/percolate or slow down close to the point of contact with an impervious surface through the use of stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) provides pollutants and sediment a chance to settle out rather than continuing downstream. Included in the list of BMPs to assist in post-construction water quality improvement are rain gardens and rain barrels. These practices can help improve the water quality of our creeks and assist in the improvement of water quality downstream.

Rain Gardens are landscaped depressions that capture rain water runoff from roofs, driveways/sidewalks, streets or compacted yards. The rainfall runoff captured in a rain garden is temporarily ponded, before infiltrating/percolating down through the soil. The installation of a rain garden helps restore a landscape's ability to manage water more sustainably by allowing rainfall to be absorbed through the soil to recharge groundwater and minimize runoff.

The City will match 50% of a project up to $1000 per property. The Rain Garden portion of the reimbursement program has a budget of $15,000 for this fiscal year. The program intends for the funding to assist in the cost of materials and/or contract labor to install the rain garden. View the Rain Garden application (PDF). View for a Rain Garden brochure (PDF)

Rain Barrels are used for the collection and storage of rainwater from rooftops by capturing water from a downspout. The water collected in a rain barrel may then be used at a later time for watering plants, lawns and gardens. In addition to being a BMP that provides reduction in stormwater runoff, rain barrels are a practice that introduces water conservation and education to customers regarding the amount of stormwater that is shed from impervious surfaces.

The rebate will be for the purchase price, provided by receipt, up to a maximum amount of $50, on a one-time basis per customer, for the first 30 applicants. View the Rain Barrel application (PDF). View for a Rain Barrel Brochure (PDF).

Rainscaping Iowa Website

For additional information regarding these practices, visit the Rainscape Iowa website, a statewide educational campaign.