Development Maps

Waukee is primed for growth and development with carefully planned business corridors and business parks ready for investment. Take a look at our six business corridor/parks maps below.

Hickman West Business Park

The Hickman West Business Park (PDF) is a proposed 200-acre multi-use site ideal for light manufacturing, warehousing and data center operations. The site is located on Hickman Road/U.S. Highway 6, near MidAmerican Energy’s future substation. Hickman West Business Park is easily accessed by Interstate 80 (four miles south of the site) or Interstate 35 (five miles east of the site.)

Hickman Road Corridor

The Hickman Road Corridor (PDF) is the fastest growing retail location in Waukee. Hickman Road/U.S. Highway 6 connects the corridor to neighboring metro communities. Complemented by strong residential growth, the Hickman Road Corridor benefits from high traffic volumes.

Westgate Business Park

Westgate Business Park (PDF) is conveniently located between Hickman Road/U.S. Highway 6 and Interstate 80. The business park lies directly north of Waukee’s newly constructed four-lane roadway, Grand Prairie Parkway. Westgate Business Park is an ideal location for light manufacturing operations, flex space and commercial.

Kettlestone North Corridor

The Kettlestone North Corridor (PDF) is a premier mixed-use location complemented on the east and west by single-family and high-density housing. Kettlestone North is perfectly situated along the newly constructed, four-lane Grand Prairie Parkway, and is connected to neighboring metro communities by University Avenue and Interstate 80.

Kettlestone South Corridor

Located just north of Interstate 80, the Kettlestone South Corridor (PDF) offers high visibility and direct, convenient access. Trail connections, greenways, and ponds will contribute to the overall walkability and aesthetic of the corridor. Comprised of a variety of land uses including office, retail, and housing, Kettlestone will attract a varied customer base from across the region.

Business Park at I-80

The Business Park on I-80 (PDF) is a proposed 93-acre business park, perfectly suited for light manufacturing and warehousing operations. The business park is highly visible and easily accessed by Interstate 80, which forms the southern border of the development. Construction on Prairie Bluff Drive is anticipated to start in 2016.