Special Needs Activities

Courage League Sports, Year-Round

Courage League Sports is an adaptive sports and recreational program for children and adults with special needs - including physical, cognitive, social and emotional challenges. Located in Urbandale and offering year-round programming Monday through Saturday, Courage League Sports provides opportunities for every age group.

Cubs: 2-6 years

Activities designed to match the energy level of preschoolers. We do this through the use of interactive technology, upbeat rhythmic music, basic tumbling activities built to meet the needs of your child. Classes offered Monday-Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.

 Tigers: 7-10 years

New programs built for our younger school-age participants’ abilities by incorporating fun and social development, with core, balance and upper body development. Classes offered Monday-Thursday evenings and Saturdays.

 Lions: 11-14 years & Panthers: 15-19 years

Programming adapted to meet their developing bodies and social skills. Sport/field game league, rock band classes, Karaoke, cycling and more. Classes offered Monday-Thursday evenings and Saturdays.

Active Adults in Action

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is equally important as developing a healthy lifestyle in the formative years. Our programs will grow with our participants and their abilities from sitting to standing. Classes daily 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and evenings. Courage League offers a wide range of programs and activities to keep you moving with social integration. Additional programs include: Autism programs, horseback riding, music, team sports and more!

For more information: Courage League Sports Website or Email Courage League Sports.

Adaptive Sports Iowa

The Iowa Sports Foundation is the parent organization to Adaptive Sports Iowa with a mission to provide sports, recreation, health and wellness opportunities for Iowans of all abilities. The Iowa Sports Foundation is comprised of the Iowa Games, Live Healthy

Iowa, Adaptive Sports Iowa and the Iowa Senior Games. Adaptive Sports Iowa’s (ASI) mission is to bring a higher quality of life

to physically disabled athletes through fun, excitement, and exercise. Through a variety of opportunities, ASI is continuously working to provide statewide leadership in the planning, promotion, education and organization of sports and recreational activities for Iowans with physical disabilities.

Adaptive Sports Iowa aims to allow everyone to be able to participate and enjoy competitive sports or recreational activities regardless of physical abilities; offering a number of events and programs to give everyone a chance to find their niche. Here is a

list of sports and activities in the Des Moines area.

• Beep Baseball

• Bowling Night

• Iowa Games

• National Veteran Airgun Outreach Program

• Adaptive Sports Iowa Cycling Team presented by Iowa Farm Bureau

• Track & Field

• Wheelchair Basketball

• Winter Ski Experience

For more details on specific programs and opportunities, please visit Adaptive Sports Iowa Website.