Safe House

Safe HouseThe Waukee Police Department’s Safe House Program was created several years ago to enlist homes throughout the City as temporary safe refuges for children who feel they are in danger. Waukee Safe House volunteers are concerned citizens who have demonstrated a desire to accept a shared responsibility for the well-being of children in their neighborhoods. Designated "Safe Houses" are identified by a Safe House sticker in an easily seen location such as a front door or window so that children know the home is a safe place to seek safety.

The volunteers for this program are screened by the Waukee Police Department to make sure that they will provide a safe environment and understand the responsibilities of participating in the Safe House initiative. Participants are asked to take children into their home or business and notify police of the issue. Call 515-978-7979 with questions.

See the requirements of becoming a designated Safe House, and complete an application today!

A PDF version is also available. (Please submit to: Waukee Police Department, 1300 SE L.A. Grant Parkway, Waukee, IA 50263.)