Courtney Clarke

Courtney Clarke, Candidate for Mayor


Family and Occupation

I was born and raised in Iowa. While I have lived elsewhere, my husband and I have chosen to raise our four children here in Waukee. We have three daughters and one son, and like all parents, we are very active in their education and activities. I am a Director for an institutional asset manager and serve on the Executive Team. In my role, I oversee all external activity, including relationship management, sales and marketing. I am responsible for business development, strategic planning and building strategic partnerships.

Why are you running for Mayor?

We love Waukee. We love this community, the neighborhoods, the excellent schools and the community events. We feel blessed to raise our children here and want to give back. Even more than that, we feel called to serve. My husband and I have served in a number of ways - with groups that work with children in crisis, educational advisory committees, workforce organizations, art councils and mission teams. Our goal is always to partner with the leadership and make connections to help each organization become even stronger.

As I look at the future of Waukee and the projected (continued) growth, it will be incredibly important for us to maintain a vision, plan strategically, support our development efforts and balance our financial needs. We also need to partner with community members and groups, as well as neighboring cities, to create and implement regional solutions to challenges like infrastructure, recreational amenities, stormwater management, housing needs and more.

What qualifications do you believe make you a viable candidate?

I serve on City Council today and have brought financial expertise to our conversations. As a business leader and volunteer board member, I have demonstrated strategic planning and leadership skills. And in my work life, I build partnerships, look for solutions and regularly present to a variety of industry groups, all of which are necessary for the Mayor of Waukee.

Through my roles, I know how important it is to provide vision and thoughtful leadership, then empower the staff and team to make that vision a reality. We have a tremendous City staff and leadership here in Waukee, and I know I can provide that vision and help empower them to take us into the future.

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