Shelly Hughes

Shelly Hughes, Candidate for Mayor


Family and Occupation

Since 2010, Hughes has served Waukee, Iowa, as a City Councilmember. She and her husband, Brian, along with their two boys are proud to call Waukee home. Hughes is very active in Waukee and, growing up in Iowa, is passionate about cultivating its hometown atmosphere. Shelly is currently able to be home when her family needs her, while also allowing her to focus attention on her current role on City Council as well as this next step in public service.

Why are you running for Mayor?

"I believe I’m the best person to keep Waukee moving forward. I have the dedication and experience to lead and want to partner with others who have a similar passion for our City. I will strengthen and build relationships within Waukee, and throughout the metro, to grow our potential. I truly believe we’re all better together. We have critical decisions to make with the continued rapid growth, and yet we need to remain fiscally conservative while providing the amenities our citizens desire. I look forward to the opportunity to continue serving the citizens of Waukee in this leadership role."

What qualifications do you believe make you a viable candidate?

Since 2010, Hughes has demonstrated focused, sound decision-making with a confident outlook for the future of Waukee. During her time as a Council Member, Hughes has contributed to responsible and strategic decisions during Waukee’s exponential growth in both residential and commercial areas. Hughes has been a part of the creation of Kettlestone and the Grand Prairie Parkway interchange, extensive retail and commercial growth, and she has been strategic in projects such as the splash pad being constructed in Fox Creek Park and the new Palms Theatres & IMAX.  

“My eight years on Council have given me the knowledge and expertise to understand where our City has been and a clear vision of where its going.”

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