Ankush Bhatia

Ankush Bhatia, Candidate for City Council


Family and Occupation

I am a first-generation Iowan working in the field of Information Technology, and the father of one son who attends school in Waukee. My son, wife and I have lived in Waukee since 2005. I have promoted healthy living and education by volunteering at the Waukee YMCA, Meals From the Heartland and several other organizations.

Why are you running for City Council?

These are exciting times where the City is growing at a rapid pace. I am running for Waukee City Council because new faces and ideas are needed for thinking outside the box, and supporting economic growth and development in a strategic way. I am passionate about education and would like to work on the Council to find options that will fund programs supporting STEM related fields. This will enable our students to achieve bigger things in scientific/innovative fields.

What qualifications do you believe make you a viable candidate?

I am a strategic, out-of-the-box thinker in the field of information technology who is not afraid to challenge status quo and outline opportunities that will solve business issues. I believe the same can be applied on the Council as I will be looking for options that will lead to building a better Waukee.

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