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Fireworks Display Application

  1. Fees
    • Permit Fee: $10
    • Deposit: $200
    Submit cash or check for permit fee and deposit, made payable to City of Waukee to City Clerk, Waukee City Hall, 230 W. Hickman Road, Waukee, IA 50263.
  2. Applicant represents one of the following:
  3. Describe in as much detail as possible.
  4. Signature*
    I hereby agree to release and hold harmless and indemnify the City of Waukee, Iowa, the mayor and City Council of Waukee, and all those associated with the granting of the permit requested here in, from any and all damages and/or injuries, which may occur as a result of the use of the fireworks exploded under this permit; either to the operator or to other individuals as property as well as their heirs, assigns, executors, administrator and beneficiaries.
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