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Ball Field Team Reservation Form

  1. Reservation Agreement

    I agree to use the City of Waukee fields only during my approved time(s), which is determined by the online reservation process with the Waukee Parks & Recreation Department. I understand that my right to reserve space may be forfeited if any players, parents, or coaches are found to have violated any of the Waukee Ball Field Rules.

  2. Type your first and last name in the box if you agree to the agreement terms above.

  3. Reservation Dates and Weeks:

    Friday, March 6 • Reserve for March 16-29.
    Friday, March 20 • Reserve for March 30-April 12.
    Friday, April 3 • Reserve for April 13-26.
    Friday, April 19 • Reserve for April 29-May 12.
    Friday, May 3 • Reserve for May 13-26.
    Friday, May 15 • Reserve for May 25-June 7.
    Friday, May 29 • Reserve for June 8-21.
    Friday, June 12 • Reserve for June 22-July 5.

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