What is Waukee ZoomProspector?
Waukee ZoomProspector is a website that allows users to identify available commercial property in Waukee, Iowa. Using Geographic Information System (GIS) software, the website provides demographic information, business information, and interactive maps. GIS Planning's ZoomProspector software combines layers of information to help users better understand details about a specific location and make informed decisions about where to position their businesses. The website is provided by the Waukee Community and Economic Development Department and is FREE to use.

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1. What is Waukee ZoomProspector?
2. How are commercial properties listed in Waukee ZoomProspector?
3. What kind of information can users access with Waukee ZoomProspector?
4. I am interested in doing business in Waukee. Who can I contact for help?
5. Where can I find more information about the Kettlestone Corridor?