Sewer Rates & Fees

Sewer Rates

Beginning July 1, 2023, the base charge will be $15.94 for the first 1,000 gallons. Water usage in excess of the minimum (1,000 gallons) will be $12.04 per 1,000 gallons thereafter, per month.

Read more details about rates in Waukee Municipal Code.

Capital Fees

Capital fees are billed with the building permit. You can read about this in the Wastewater Treatment Connection Fee - Waukee Municipal Code.

Below is section 224X.6. schedule of water connection fees.

  • Waste water connection fees shall be due at the time of submission of a building permit as described in Section 5 of this Ordinance. Issuance of building permits and/or Mobile Home Permits shall not occur until such time as any and all fees have been paid in full.
  • Fees shall be based upon the equitable costs of extending service from the Municipal Waste Water System to the property for which connection is sought. The fees will increase annually based on the following schedule to account for interest incurred by the City for the Waste Water System improvements. From the effective date of this ordinance, fees shall be imposed in the following amounts:
  1. Residential Single Family - $600 Per Household Unit.
  2. Residential-Non-Single Family - $1,265 Per Unit
  3. Non-Residential - $95.70 Per Fixture Unit
  • The City Council reserves the right to grant variances from this schedule of fees.

Special Fees

Waukee Municipal Code

  • University Avenue Trunk Sewer
  • Hickman Sewer District
  • R-22 Sewer District