City Council Rules & Procedures

Below is a summary of the City Council rules and procedures. View a complete copy of the rules of procedure.

Decorum During Council Meetings

While the Council is in session, all persons shall preserve order and decorum. Any person that refuses to abide by the rules shall be asked to leave the Council Chambers.

Every member of the public and every Council Member desiring to speak shall address the presiding officer, and upon recognition by the presiding officer, shall confine comments to the question under debate, avoiding all indecorous language and references to personalities and abiding by rules of civil debate: we may disagree, but we will be respectful of one another; all comments will be directed to the issue at hand; and personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Open Forum

A maximum of twenty (20) minutes will be set aside during Open Forum for members of the public to address the Council on any item on the agenda other than an item posted as a public hearing, or on any subject over which the Council has the authority to act.  Any persons desiring to address the Council shall first secure permission from the Mayor or presiding officer by either approaching the podium or raising their hand.  If persons desiring to address the Council are participating by electronic means, those persons shall secure permission to speak through the methods provided by that electronic means.

Persons addressing the Council will stand at the podium, giving their full name and address in a clear and audible tone of voice so that his/her/their name may be accurately recorded in the minutes of the meeting. If a person is physically unable to stand at the podium, reasonable accommodations will be provided upon request.  

All speakers must address the entire Council and will not be permitted to engage in dialogue. Individuals shall be limited to three (3) minutes speaking time, unless additional time is granted by the Mayor or presiding officer. A Council Member may object to the extension of time to the speaker by the Mayor or presiding officer.  Such disapproval will be noted and a roll call will be taken on the question. Total citizen input on any subject under Council consideration can be limited to a fixed period by the Mayor or presiding officer. A majority vote of the Council may extend the time limitations on this rule. 

Individuals may not speak more than once during Open Forum. Preference will be given to individuals who did not speak at the previous council meeting’s Open Forum. Without the permission of the Mayor or presiding officer only the Mayor, Council Members and the person addressing the Council shall be permitted to enter into any discussion.

Public Hearings

Interested persons or their authorized representatives may address the Council in regard to public hearing matters under consideration.

The applicant or appellant presentation, if any, shall be limited to a maximum of 10 minutes; all other individuals shall be limited to a maximum of 5 minutes.

After a motion is made and seconded by a Council Member following a public hearing on the matter so moved, further discussion from the public on this matter will be denied, except upon the request of a Council Member through the Mayor or presiding officer.

Group Presentations

Organized groups that wish to make a presentation longer than the time allowed will be required to contact the City Administrator prior to the meeting.

Generally, matters presented during the Open Forum which require further investigation or information shall be referred to the City Administrator. If Council determines that action is required on a subject not on the current agenda, the item may be placed on a future agenda.