Marketing & Communications

The Marketing & Communications Department is committed to communicating timely, accurate and relevant news and information to Waukee residents and businesses in order to enhance quality of life, promote transparent government and encourage engaged citizenry. The department also works to elevate Waukee's identity and opportunities to prospective job creators, community groups, key policy decision makers and the media.

  1. Waukee Police Department's Milestone in Mental Health Crisis Response

    Congratulations to the Waukee Police Department on accomplishing their goal of having every officer complete Crisis Intervention Training, continuing its commitment to being collaborative partners in fostering a safe community. Read on...
  2. 10 Things to Know During Library Card Sign-up Month

    Everyone knows a library card will get you all the books you can dream of, but there’s so much more! September is Library Card Sign-up Month and the Waukee Public Library is joining libraries nationwide to share about all you can get with a library card. Read on...
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