Marketing & Communications

The Marketing & Communications Department is committed to communicating timely, accurate and relevant news and information to Waukee residents and businesses in order to enhance quality of life, promote transparent government and encourage engaged citizenry. The department also works to elevate Waukee's identity and opportunities to prospective job creators, community groups, key policy decision makers and the media.

  1. HomeShowExpo 2019 is in Waukee!

    The HomeShowExpo is back in Waukee this year at The Reserve at Daybreak. The Home Builders Association of Des Moines invites visitors to see six unique homes in that development July 13-28. Read on...
  2. Water Department Encourages Odd-Even Irrigation Schedule During Summer Months

    During the summer months, it becomes challenging to manage water usage peaks as many Waukee residents have irrigations systems for their lawns and gardens. Des Moines Water Works recommends an odd-even watering schedule to balance high-demand times. Read on...
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