Waukee Ball Field Rules

Click here for information on reserving Triumph Park baseball/softball fields.

Baseball/Softball Fields at Centennial Park and Warrior Park

Centennial Park has three fields for softball and baseball games available for reservation, and Warrior Park has four. In order to be fair and keep the ball field reservation process streamlined, the Waukee Parks & Recreation Department asks for users to follow the following rules:

  1. Field reservations will be split into TWO seasons. First season will run from March 13-July 2, and second season will run from July 3-October 31. 
  2. The fee of $100 per season can be paid online under one DESIGNATED coach or parent name per team. This designated person will be the only one allowed to reserve practice time for the team. The fee includes reservations at both Centennial Park and Warrior Park. It does not include Triumph Park fields.
  3. Reserve fields via the online reservation system. Phone and email reservations WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  4. All reservations must be listed in the head coach’s name.
  5. One hour per week per team is allowed on weekdays (M-F) with openings at 5, 6 and 7 p.m.
  6. One hour maximum per weekend per team is allowed on weekends (Saturday/Sunday) between hours of 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.
  7. Team name and age of the players must be entered in the registration notes for each reservation made.
  8. Teams that abuse the reservation process will be banned from reserving ball fields for the remainder of the season.
  9. Staff has the right to make any changes deemed necessary without notice.
  10. Field time will not be rescheduled if the Parks & Recreation Department closes the fields due to weather or maintenance issues.
  11. If your team cancels practice or needs to change a reservation, please email the Parks & Recreation Department or call 515-978-0007.

2023 Reservation Dates and Weeks:

Online Reservation DatesReservation Weeks
Friday, March 3March 13-26
Friday, March 17
March 27-April 9
Friday, March 31April 10-April 23
Friday, April 14April 24-May 7
Friday, April 28May 8-21
Friday, May 12
May 22-June 4
Friday, May 26
June 5-18
Friday, June 9
June 19-July 2
Friday, June 23July 3-31
Friday, July 21Aug. 1-31
Friday, Aug. 28Sept. 1-30
Friday, Sept. 15Oct. 1-31

Map of Centennial Park Ball FieldsMap of Warrior Park Ball Fields