Mailbox Placement

This notice is provided to you by the United States Postal Service and the City of Waukee. Failure to follow these instructions may result in the stoppage of mail delivery to your home. Failure to follow these guidelines may also result in damage or destruction of your mailbox by city equipment. Snowplows often hit mailboxes. The city will assume no liability for damage done to improperly set mailboxes.

  • Bottom of mailbox must be 43 inches above street level.
  • It is desired that the post be located 24 inches back from the curb. However, the front of the mailbox must be even with the curb as shown in the diagram (PDF).
  • House numbers must be placed and maintained on the door of the mailbox.
  • Mailboxes must be located in proper numerical sequence on the side of the street served by the carrier.
  • Mailboxes should be grouped where possible.
  • Postal customers must have a complete address on their mail. This includes house number and street. Customers receiving mail not properly addressed should send address corrections as soon as possible. This will enable the carrier to provide more efficient service. Forms are available from the carrier or at the Post Office.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to remove the snow so the carrier may serve the box without leaving his / her vehicle.
  • Customers must raise the signal flag when letters are placed in the mailbox for the carrier to pick-up.