Patching Program

Fall and Winter

During the fall and winter months, potholes and cracks often appear on City roads following freezes. This is a normal occurrence in a cold weather climate. Streets crews continuously utilize asphalt to temporarily patch these worn areas - a process known as "cold patching". Due to the prolonged cold weather causing contracting and expansion of concrete, the asphalt is the most efficient and economical way to patch the streets.

Spring and Summer

During the spring and summer, however, the real work gets down. The end of cold temperatures brings stability to concrete, so the Streets Department is able to work tirelessly during these months to complete concrete patching, permanently correcting any damage done throughout the cold months. In fact, the Streets Department doubles its staff in the summer to accommodate the needs of improving the City's streets.

See video of summertime street patching!

View the City's patching map (PDF)

Cold Patching