City of Waukee Stormwater Grant Program

SQR raking*Please note that grants must be approved and awarded prior to construction work commencing. Grants will not be awarded for work that has already started or been completed.

The City of Waukee Stormwater Grant Program uses a portion of the Stormwater Utility Fees to assist with stormwater management on private property. These funds may be granted to property owners to improve drainage, to improve stormwater quality, or to repair stormwater facilities such as swales, streambanks and drain tile. The program does not cover repairs to homes or interior work; these funds are for exterior work only.

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Examples of eligible projects include:

  • Installation of a drain tile in a wet yard.
  • Measures to prevent erosion, including expenses for a contractor to place bank reinforcement.
  • Professional engineering services for the design of a stormwater best management practice.
  • Best management practices (BMPs) listed below (limited to a maximum of $1,000 per each BMP or 50% of the total BMP cost, whichever is less).

- Soil quality restoration (SQR)

- Rain gardens

- Bio-retention cells

- Native Landscaping

  • Rain barrels (limited to $50 or the total amount paid for the rain barrel, whichever is less)

The program does not cover maintenance, hard landscaping or other aesthetic improvements. The program does not include any items related to sump pumps, including the removal of sump pumps connected to a sanitary sewer main. The program does not cover the dredging of retention or detention ponds (any work below normal water level).

The grant will pay 50% of the qualifying expenses up to a maximum contribution per project as noted below. The grant program receives $50,000 in funding each fiscal year, pending approval by the Waukee City Council.

Standard Grant Funding Maximum Limits:

  • $1,000 for SQR, per property (see more details below)
  • $1,000 per BMP
  • $5,000 per individual single-family or townhome property, inclusive of any funds for SQR or other BMPs
  • $20,000 per Homeowners’ Association
  • $5,000 for commercial properties paying up to 5 ERUs per month. An additional $1,000 would be allowed for each additional ERU, up to a maximum of $20,000 per project. For example, a property with 8 ERUs would be eligible for $8,000; 20 ERUs or greater would be eligible for $20,000, etc.

There is a $20,000 maximum for any project, regardless of the number of applicants or size of the property. Adjacent property owners could work together to create a larger project; for example, tiling several rear yards. In this case, the grant limit increases by $5,000 with each additional property owner to a maximum of $20,000 per project.

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