Pet Licensing and Animal Control

Pet License Information

Dog and cat licenses $15 for altered pets and $25 for unaltered pets. Waukee residents are required to license pets annually per City ordinance. A proof of rabies vaccination is required. Licensing your pet improves the chances of having your animal returned to you should they become lost or run away, and it helps the City of Waukee ensure that pets are vaccinated. No more than three cats and three dogs are permitted per Waukee household. Failure to license pets could result in a up to a $100 fine per animal.

The City of Waukee partners with to offer online pet licensing for residents. Renewal license information will be mailed out toward the end of each calendar year. For new licenses, please visit Questions can be directed to the customer service line at 855-585-8157 (toll-free). If you do not have internet access and need to license a pet, please call the City Clerk's office at 515-978-7904.

Missing a Pet?

If your pet goes missing in Waukee, you can call 515-978-7979 on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. to see if the pet was picked up by Waukee Police. When picked up by officers, pets are taken to AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Transport in De Soto to be cared for. To claim your pet, complete this online form or print the PDF version of the form and pay a $100 animal release fee (cash or check) to the Waukee Police Department. You can then claim the animal from AHeinz57.

Get a Trailside Dog Park Pass

Waukee's 4-acre dog park allows dogs of all sizes to run freely in an entirely fenced-in area. Trailside Dog Park passes are $25 for residents and $45 for non-residents. Park passes are good until December 31. You'll purchase a new pass for each calendar year. Learn more.

Reporting Animal Issues

To report barking dogs, an animal at large or possible abuse to the Waukee Police Department, call 515-222-3321. Non-emergency animal bites can be reported to the Waukee Police Department at 515-222-3321. If the bite requires immediate medical treatment, call 911.

For issues related to wildlife and wild animals (i.e., skunks, racoons, coyotes, etc.), contact one of the Iowa DNR licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators (NWCO) at Click on the “List of Currently Licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators” link in the middle of the page.

A dead animal in the roadway can be reported to the Waukee Public Works Department via Report a Concern or by calling 515-978-7920.