Ice Rink Rules

  1. Ice skating, by nature, is a hazardous activity, and falls are common. Rink users assume inherent risks and responsibilities, whether a spectator or participant.
  2. Be aware of the soft spots, rough edges, water puddles or other hazards on the ice.
  3. Protective safety gear (i.e. coat, hat, gloves, helmet, mouth guard, etc.) is recommended on the rink at all times.
  4. Please be courteous and share the ice. Know the range of your ability while on skates and maintain a proper lookout to avoid other skaters.
  5. No food, drinks or pets are allowed on the ice.
  6. Do not skate while under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other control-impairing substances.
  7. Kicking holes, chipping or gouging the ice is prohibited.
  8. Skaters and spectators must not sit on, lean over or leave items on the dasher boards.
  9. The rink may be periodically closed for maintenance if there is damage to the rink or if the ice has melted. Thank you for your patience.