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Annual Oversize - Overweight Permit

  1. Oversize - Overweight Permit
    Annual Permit Valid for One Year Only
  2. Projections
  3. Axle Weights
  4. General Requirements
    The City of Waukee grants authority to move equipment within the Waukee City Limits in conjunction with an Iowa Department of Transportation oversize/overweight permit. The requirements and regulations of the IDOT permit apply within the City of Waukee. The vehicles will be operated on Truck Routes except when it is necessary to reach a specific destination off of the Truck Route. In these instances, the vehicle should use the most direct route to reach the destination.
  5. Disclosure Statement
    The information furnished on this application will be used by the City of Waukee to prepare and issue permits. All information applicable to a given permit is required and is public information. Failure to complete the application as required will result in denial of permit. Permit issuing authorities will not be responsible for any damages that are the result of the move. The City of Waukee assumes no responsibility for the property of the permit holder.
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