Residential Knox Box Program

The Waukee Fire Department is proud to introduce a new pilot program for the residents of Waukee. The Temporary Residential Knox Box program provides a secured means of access in case of an emergency. Knox Box key boxes are safe, secure, and UL tested.

These boxes are a short term answer for residents living at home who may need medical assistance from time to time. Imagine if you were hurt and/or unable to get to your locked door while the ambulance was coming. Once the ambulance crew arrived to your house the crew would try to find an unlocked door or window to make entry. If the crew is unable to find an easy way in, the next option is forcible entry through your door or window. Occasionally doors and other parts around the door are damaged and require replacement. Sometimes these repairs can be costly. However this could have been avoided if a Knox Box was in place.

1650 Series Residential Knox Boxes

What is a Knox Box

A Knox Box is a secured key box containing your house key. These key boxes can be temporarily hung on your door with the attached over the door hanger. Knox Boxes are keyed for a special key carried only by the Fire Department. The key is electronically locked in the fire apparatus and is released by Westcom Communications (our 911 center).  When a crew member requests that the Knox key be released it is documented who will have the key. Once the key is secured back into the electronic holder the crew member tells the dispatch and that is also logged.

These keys are only released in the case of an emergency or if no key holder is immediately available. Use of a Knox Box avoids forced entry and any property damage. When a Knox Box is opened by a crew member, they can then use your key, to open your door, to help you. Afterwards, prior to leaving your residence, your house key is then re-secured into the Knox Box. (This also eliminates revealing your hidden key location to others). The temporary Knox Boxes are black with a lift off door that can be placed in minutes.

The Temporary Residential Knox Box program was designed to help those residents still living independently at home. The Fire Department does not want to cause you any more hardships or unnecessary repair bills. The Temporary Residential Knox Box program allows you to use a Knox Box free of charge for up to one year. Supplies are limited in this program, and may go fast. A waiting list may be created as the need arises. The Fire Department offers one as a temporary service from the city. Having a Knox Box at your residence will provide you and your family with a peace of mind in the event of an emergency. Some terms and conditions apply for enrollment.

Permanent Residential Knox Box Information

The Fire Department would be happy to assist those residents looking for a permanent Residential Knox Box. Knox Company has many different options in three colors for the Residential Knox Box 1650 series. These boxes can be permanently mounted at your residence. These models range in cost from $169 to $265 plus shipping and handling. If you would like assistance ordering or for further information, contact the Waukee Fire Department during regular business hours Monday through Friday.

Contact Information

For questions or to enroll in the program, please contact Elle Osborn the Waukee Fire Department by calling 515-978-7998 .

Information is also available through Knox’s Residential website.