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Public Works Forms

  1. Annual Oversize - Overweight Permit

    (Annual Permit Valid for One Year Only)

  2. Hydrant Meter Application

    The City of Waukee will make hydrant meters available when no other water source is available, as determined by the City, on a "first... More…

  3. Sidewalk Permit Application
  4. Street/Lane Closure Form
  5. Waukee Gas Rebate Application

    An original receipt indicating date of purchase, dealer's name and address, and quantity purchased must accompany this application.... More…

  1. Application for a Small Wireless Facility Permit
  2. One Trip Oversize - Overweight Permit

    (Valid for One Trip Only)

  3. Small Wireless Facility Permit - Pole Specifications and Locations
  4. Utility Permit

    This is a Utility Permit application for all utility installations including telecommunications, cable TV, telephone, electric and/or... More…