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City Clerk

  1. Block Party Permit Application
  2. Fireworks Display Application
  3. Proclamation Request

    Request a proclamation to be issued by the Mayor of Waukee.

  1. Boards/Commissions/Committees Application

    The City of Waukee is looking for citizens interested in serving on one of its many advisory boards and commissions.

  2. Library Board of Trustees Application

    The Waukee Public Library seeks citizens interested in serving on its Board of Trustees annually with terms starting each July 1.

  3. Request the Mayor at an Event

    Please complete this form in order to request the Waukee Mayor's presence at your event.

Economic Development

  1. Home Base Iowa Community Incentive Application

    In support of the Home Base Iowa Initiative, the City of Waukee has established a set of community incentives to facilitate a smooth... More…

Parks and Recreation

  1. Trailside Dog Park Incident Report

    Please utilize this form to report any incidents occurring at the Trailside Dog Park.


  1. Animal Release Form

    If your missing pet was taken by Waukee Police to AHeinz 57 Pet Rescue and Transport, please fill out this form and pay the $50 release... More…

  2. Off-Duty Police Officer Work Request

    Waukee Police Officers are available to work assignments for members of the public and organizations as needed for security and other... More…

  3. Security Check Form

    The Waukee Police Department offers random security checks for residents leaving their homes or businesses vacant for five days or... More…

  4. Waukee Safe House Program Application

    The Waukee Safe House Program was created to provide homes throughout the City to be safe refuges for children who feel they are in... More…

  1. Application for Public Record

    Submit a request for a public record from the Waukee Police Department.

  2. Police Compliment/Complaint Form

    The Waukee Police Department strives to provide the highest level of customer service possible. We value the opinion of the public we... More…

  3. Waukee Community Camera Program

    The goal of the Waukee Community Camera Program is to deter crime and promote partnership. Video surveillance cameras are not just a... More…

Public Works Forms

  1. Annual Oversize - Overweight Permit

    (Annual Permit Valid for One Year Only)

  2. Hydrant Meter Application

    The City of Waukee will make hydrant meters available when no other water source is available, as determined by the City, on a "first... More…

  3. Sidewalk Permit Application
  4. Street/Lane Closure Form
  5. Waukee Gas Rebate Application

    An original receipt indicating date of purchase, dealer's name and address, and quantity purchased must accompany this application.... More…

  1. Application for a Small Wireless Facility Permit
  2. One Trip Oversize - Overweight Permit

    (Valid for One Trip Only)

  3. Small Wireless Facility Permit - Pole Specifications and Locations
  4. Utility Permit

    This is a Utility Permit application for all utility installations including telecommunications, cable TV, telephone, electric and/or... More…

Special Event Application

  1. Special Event Application

    The City of Waukee Special Event Application is necessary for: the use of public property and/or park property that requires... More…

Utility Billing

  1. Project Share Donation Form

    Project Share (PS) is a plan to assist households in need with paying their wintertime energy bills. You can help by adding a regular... More…

  1. Waukee Stormwater Grant Application

    Request reimbursement for soil quality restoration, rain gardens, rain barrels, native landscaping and bio-retention cells.