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City Clerk

  1. Block Party Permit Application
  2. Citizen of the Year Nomination Form

    Each year, the City of Waukee honors a citizen chosen for their hard work and dedication during the previous year. Please nominate a... More…

  1. Boards/Commissions/Committees Application

    The City of Waukee is looking for citizens interested in serving on one of its many advisory boards and commissions.

  2. Fireworks Display Application

Development Services

  1. COSESCO Permit Application and SWPPP Information

    This is a required form regarding construction site erosion and sediment control.

  2. Imagine Waukee 2040 Feedback Form

    Please let the City of Waukee know what feedback you have in response to the new Imagine Waukee 2040 Comprehensive Plan!

  3. Rental Housing Complaint Form
  4. Rental Inspection Appeal Request Form
  1. Designated Agent Registration Form-Rental Inspections
  2. New Single Family Building Permit Application

    Complete the building permit application and utility information.

  3. Rental Housing Inspection Certificate Application
  4. Utility Billing and Natural Gas Service Application

Parks and Recreation

  1. Ball Field Team Reservation Form

    Teams looking to reserve a ball field for practice can utilize the online reservation system, but all teams must first fill out the... More…

  1. Trailside Ambassador Application

    Waukee residents 18 and older - volunteer to be a Trailside Ambassador! Ambassadors will volunteer at least twice a month helping to... More…


  1. Off-Duty Police Officer Work Request

    Waukee Police Officers are available to work assignments for members of the public and organizations as needed for security and other... More…

  2. Security Check Form

    The Waukee Police Department offers random security checks for residents leaving their homes or businesses vacant for five days or... More…

  1. Police Compliment/Complaint Form

    The Waukee Police Department strives to provide the highest level of customer service possible. We value the opinion of the public we... More…

Public Works Forms

  1. Hydrant Meter Application

    The City of Waukee will make hydrant meters available when no other water source is available, as determined by the City, on a "first... More…

  2. Utility Permit

    This is a Utility Permit application for all utility installations including telecommunications, cable TV, telephone, electric and/or... More…

  1. Sidewalk Permit Application
  2. Waukee Gas Rebate Application

    An original receipt indicating date of purchase, dealer's name and address, and quantity purchased must accompany this application.... More…

Special Event Application

  1. Special Event Application

    The City of Waukee Special Event Application is necessary for: the use of public property and/or park property that requires... More…