Ball Fields

Waukee's Triumph Park is home to 12 baseball/softball fields, practice fields, batting cages and the Greater Iowa Credit Union Miracle League® Field.

The complex was designed with the entire experience in mind. Waukee Parks & Recreation staff toured many facilities to learn where experiences can be improved and what best practices could be implemented at Triumph Park. 

  • Fields have synthetic turf outside of the dugouts to prevent muddy areas where teams gather and parents and visitors stand to watch their players.
  • Netting enables fans to enjoy an easier view of games than chain link fences.
  • Concession stands have mounted Tvs that can show games live or display tournament lineups.
  • Shade is plentiful with nearly every seating area having cover.
  • Each baseball field has a batting cage next to it.
  • Two practice quads provide a spot for teams to warm up.
  • Navigation of the large complex is made easy. Each section of the complex is color-coded. Maps and signage guide visitors throughout the park.