Capital Improvement Projects

Welcome to the Capital Improvement Projects page! 

The City of Waukee is continually working on capital improvement projects to repair infrastructure, increase public safety and enhance the community. See the City’s full Capital Improvement Plan to see what projects are on the horizon.

See an interactive map of current  projects:

Project Type Project Name
Anticipated Completion
Streets Kettlestone Boulevard Extension Extend Kettlestone Boulevard east approx. 650 feet for Fleet Farm Development -includes signal at Grand Prairie Parkway Spring 2020
Streets Traffic Signal Enhancements Add adaptive signal control technology for existing signals along Hickman Road, University Avenue, Alice's Road and Grand Prairie Parkway Fall 2020
Streets Alice's Road Corridor Enhancements Landscaping and signage within the medians along Alice’s Road (University to Hickman), street trees and street banners Fall 2020
Streets 10th Street/Sunrise Drive (Phase 2A) Improvements Improvements to 10th Street to facilitate the new high school/sports complex plus initial extension of Sunrise Drive adjacent to the high school/sports complex (10th Street to 6th Street) More details Fall 2021
Sewer Lift Station No. 3 Phase 2 Improvements Necessary trunk line improvements required to serve property west of Warrior Lane and north of Hickman Road. Spring 2020
Sewer Wastewater Treatment Facility Demolition Removal of Waukee's wastewater treatment plant following connection to the Wastewater Reclamation Authority (WRA) sewer system  Fall 2020
Parks Alice Nizzi Park Development of a three-acre park which focuses on the City's coal mining history 2020
Parks Glynn Village Park Development of a small neighborhood park in the Glynn Village area 2020
Parks Triumph Park Development of a 66-acre park with a sports complex and all-inclusive playground More details Spring 2022
Kettlestone Amenities Construction Phase 2 Trail, pedestrian underpass connection and landscaping around north two ponds west of Grand Prairie Parkway
Fall 2020