Public Improvement Projects

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Welcome to the Public Improvement Projects page! 

The City of Waukee is continually working on public improvement projects to repair infrastructure, increase public safety and enhance the community. With storymaps, users are able to open a web-based map and explore project progress, location and more. Additional information and resources are available by scrolling through the table below. 

See the City's full Capital Improvement Plan to see what projects are on the horizon.

Project Type Project Name
Anticipated Completion
Alice's Road Widening Phase 5 Construction to widen Alice's Road from two to six lanes between SE Olson Drive and NE Horizon Drive; includes improvements at the Hickman Road and Alice's Road intersection. View the Alice's Road Widening page more details.
Spring 2019
Roads Pavement Overlay -West Waukee
Overlay of existing chip sealed street in older part of Waukee - west of 6th Street
Roads Annual Street Patching Projects
Street Patching of various streets as determined in street quality assessment program
Roads Annual Pavement Marking Painting
Annual painting of the pavement markings throughout the City
Roads Annual Developer Lane Additions
Miscellaneous agreements to complete additional lanes over and above developer responsibilities
Gas Gas Main and Service Rehabilitation
Replacement of plastic gas main with steel gas main due to corrosion issues and additional testing
Sewer Northwest Area Trunk Sewer Extension Phase 4 Addition of 7,050 linear feet of sanitary sewer located along and east of T Avenue between Highway 7 and University Avenue Fall 2018
Sewer Little Walnut Creek Trunk Sewer Phase 4 Addition of 6,260 linear feet of sanitary sewer located east of 10th street and north of Hickman Road Fall 2018
Sewer Little Walnut Creek Trunk Sewer Phase 3/Indi Run Trunk Sewer  Addition of 4,965 linear feet of sanitary sewer located west of Warrior Lane and north of Hickman Road  Fall 2018
Sewer Inflow and Infiltration-Annual
Project relates to eliminating storm water connections into the sanitary sewer system
Parks Dog Park and Trailhead Construction on the Waukee Dog Park and Trailhead project is well underway. The four-acre site is located just east of Alice's Road, directly south of the popular Heart of the Warrior Trail.  Spring 2019
Parks Fox Creek Park Improvements Phase 2 will add a unique play space with rubber surfacing, four pickleball courts, a tennis court, a shelter and the community’s first splash pad! Summer 2019
Stormwater Sump Pump Line Project
Installation of sump pump collection lines within the older subdivisions Annual
Kettlestone Amenities Construction Phase 2 Trail, pedestrian underpass connection and landscaping around north two ponds west of Grand Prairie Parkway
Fall 2019
Kettlestone Amenities Construction Phase 3
Landscaping and irrigation within medians and along Grand Prairie Parkway (University to Interstate) Fall 2021
Kettlestone Amenities Construction Phase 4 Kettlestone Entrance Sign
Fall 2021
Kettlestone Amenities Construction Phase 5 Pedestrian bridge over north pond and additional trail construction Fall 2021